Assortment Package

Assortment Package


A package of assorted flavors how fun! Taste all five of the special flavors that Café Warshafsky has to offer * Rose Water * Earl Grey * Raspberry Hibiscus * Lavender & Coconut * Matcha. There are two cookies of each flavor inside these classic Café Warshafsky logo paper bags.

Café Warshafsky presents shortbread in exotic flavors! Rich, buttery cookies brought to life with herbs, flowers, fruits and teas. Not too sweet, your palate will be drawn to the delicate quality of these charming treats with each flavor having its own perfume. It's the perfect gift for your cookie!

Café Warshafsky specialty shortbread is baked fresh to order. The sampler package includes ten 3" x 3" cookies. Please note that we are a small operation and everything from baking to packaging is done by hand. The shortbreads are shipped USPS Priority Mail (estimated delivery within 5-7 business days). We write notes! Email us if you would like to send a note with your order. 

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