The knives stand together stoic as soldiers - except that one guy who has schmutz on him like food on a mustache! Any who, this cameo would make a sweet companion to the spaghetti fork and the sad spoon in the kitchen.

Welcome to Café Warshafsky a whimsical place where everyday inanimate objects take on personalities. A likeness to Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast’s castle under a spell or Alice in Wonderland’s psychedelic trip. These miniatures draw you into their little world. Though the cafe may not physically exist, Café Warshafsky can be brought to life anywhere you wish. 

People are often delighted by the logo and the story behind it. I thought it would be fun to make a series of personalities that I think would play a part in Café Warshafsky. These original etchings are done by the hands of yours truly (moi). Etching is a form of printmaking that closely resembles the practice of drawing. I love this medium for reasons that I can only describe as magical. Between my intention and the process itself there is always an element of surprise that takes place. It fascinates me! Learn more about the process of etching here

"Knife!" is printed with ink on paper and set in a glass frame with a ribbon for hanging. The frame measures 4 x 0.25 x 6 inches.

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